Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Brenda's XL Slouchy Hat Crochet Pattern FREE!!!!!!

Brenda’s XL Slouchy Hat
(For people with a big head ;) )

In this pattern I used a 5.00 MM crochet hook, and acrylic worsted weight yarn. – Any red heart brand is fine. And you will need a tapestry needle.
1-      Chain 85.
2-       Connect to first chain to form a circle with a slip stitch. (Make sure it is not twisted before you connect it.)
3-      Chain 2.  – 1 HDC in each stitch. Connect to first stitch with slip stitch.
4-8 – Repeat row 3.
9- Chain 3. 2 dc in same st.** Skip next 2 sts, 3 dc in 3rd hdc. ** Repeat until end, and connect row with slip st.
10-13 – Repeat row 9. Fasten off.
14 – Connect a new color to any space between the 3dc (granny stitch) groups. Repeat row 9. Fasten off.  Connect original color.
15-23 – Repeat row 9.
24-  Chain 2, 1 sc in each st.
25- ch2 . **1 sc in same st as chain. 2 sc together. 1 sc in next 2 sts.  ** Repeat until end.
26-30- Repeat row 25.  Fasten off with about 10 inch to 12inch tail. (will need a very long tail)
Tuck in all the loose ends you have hanging loose, except the very long tail at this time.
Thread needle with the long tail and weave in and out of stitches to close up the top of the hat, and continue to weave in and out until it is completely closed. Be sure to secure your end once the hole is sewn closed.

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