Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another great rehearsal!

Just because I like the flyer THAT much, here it is again! My friend Mark - whom plays the Tuba in the CCWE - is a very talented graphic artist! Anyhow, I just got home from another really great rehearsal with this band! I have a good connection with everybody in it, and we are not just a good band, but a family as well! We support one another when times are tough, and praise one another for good deeds that are accomplished. I do not think I could have found any better band to be a member of, other than this one! I hope that we will continue to grow and be an out standing member of our community!

Brenda's XL Slouchy Hat Crochet Pattern FREE!!!!!!

Brenda’s XL Slouchy Hat
(For people with a big head ;) )

In this pattern I used a 5.00 MM crochet hook, and acrylic worsted weight yarn. – Any red heart brand is fine. And you will need a tapestry needle.
1-      Chain 85.
2-       Connect to first chain to form a circle with a slip stitch. (Make sure it is not twisted before you connect it.)
3-      Chain 2.  – 1 HDC in each stitch. Connect to first stitch with slip stitch.
4-8 – Repeat row 3.
9- Chain 3. 2 dc in same st.** Skip next 2 sts, 3 dc in 3rd hdc. ** Repeat until end, and connect row with slip st.
10-13 – Repeat row 9. Fasten off.
14 – Connect a new color to any space between the 3dc (granny stitch) groups. Repeat row 9. Fasten off.  Connect original color.
15-23 – Repeat row 9.
24-  Chain 2, 1 sc in each st.
25- ch2 . **1 sc in same st as chain. 2 sc together. 1 sc in next 2 sts.  ** Repeat until end.
26-30- Repeat row 25.  Fasten off with about 10 inch to 12inch tail. (will need a very long tail)
Tuck in all the loose ends you have hanging loose, except the very long tail at this time.
Thread needle with the long tail and weave in and out of stitches to close up the top of the hat, and continue to weave in and out until it is completely closed. Be sure to secure your end once the hole is sewn closed.

More hats!!!

I have been busy making hats, as you can see!! I am trying to make very many hats to sell at an up coming craft fair! I hope that I sell at least enough to cover the cost of the table I paid for! I know my partner, Pat is helping out. Usually every craft show we do together we split the fee so that it is not so expensive to do. :-) I am really excited about selling at May Fest though!! :-) And the next one will be Gold Rush Festival, which is Villa Rica's founder's day! I plan to sell there also! :D

I wrote a pattern yay!! I plan to post the directions for it soon, but here is a hat that someone made while testing the pattern for me! :D
So here I am, at the very end playing my clarinet! :-) This is actually a great photo of the wood wind section that my friend Alice took of us during a performance last year. :-) I am very proud to be a member of the Carroll Community Wind Ensemble! :-) Hopefully I will be able to get more pics uploaded soon!  We will be having rehearsal tonight in preparation of our upcoming performance on May 9th at the AMP Theater in Carrollton, GA at 7:30pm! I hope yall will come out and see us!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hat 5 coming soon!

Well I am working on hat 5/20! It is my goal to have 20 hats made before the end of this month! I will be posting pictures soon! After I make my 20 hats, I will start other projects to make in my craft booth! :D Today I picked up a bunch of stuff to design and decorate my poster with.  I have a really great design idea in mind for it, and it will be super awesome looking! :D

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Band stuff

A very beautiful graphic my friend Mark made for our band! Isn't this so professional looking??


I am in the Carroll Community Wind Ensemble! I play clarinet.  Anyhow, today we had a really good rehearsal! I am very excited about our upcoming concert that is May 9th! It is a free concert too!

In the mean time I started a new hat pattern! Its a beautiful hat! It is called the twistnshout slouchy from Patons!
I will post my final product once I finish making the hat. It will be yellow, and possibly orange if I run out of my yellow yarn.. LOL I am trying to use up yarn that I already have before I get any more yarn. :D  We shall see though!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

4th hat made out of 20

I am currently on a mission this month! It is my personal goal to make 20 hats before the end of this month! Why do you ask? It is because I am planning to sell at May Fest this year which is May 3rd. It also happens to be the day before my daughter's birthday as well! It is my hope that I am able to sell my hats and other things that I make at the festival that I am selling at. I also have to build up my other stock of charms and things that I want to make. So we shall see how it goes! No worries though, a lot of the hats that I am posting are my own personal designs of which have no patterns.  How ever I plan to write up patterns to share with you guys!  As the old saying goes - Never put off today what you can do tomorrow! (I think that is how it goes! lol)